Jet-Vac & Hydro Excavation
The Jet/Vac is a truck with a mounted vacuum system, 1,300 gallon fresh water tank & 2,200 gallon debris tank. As the Hydro Jet system flushes the sewer line open with high pressure water, the vacuum lifts the material and places it in the holding tank for removal.

This high power and high efficiency machine makes even the toughest excavating jobs easy and safe and is designed to power through all kinds of difficult terrain including frozen ground. It uses the pressurized water and vacuum system to dig precisely and makes visual identification of existing underground utilities like gas lines, fiber optics, T-1's, utility pipe lines, etc., quick, so damages can be avoided.

Main Line Jetting & Vacuuming
• Main Line Heavy Cleaning
• Catch Basin Cleaning

• Utility Line Locating
• Safely Uncover Pipelines
• Fast & Efficient
• Eliminate Line Damages

Emergency Service
• Available 24/7
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